9. Salon

Test Execution Host (T.E.H.)

Mit Martin Howse.

Test Execution Host (T.E.H) describes an ongoing body of work and research commenced in Quebec in 2016 and examining the connections between mineral extraction (gold) and execution (of software and of material and psychic bodies). Through lectures, language and apparatus T.E.H forges a continuum between ancient alchemical practice and description, the history of chemistry and the mythology and philisophy of contemporary computation (particularly the work of Alan Turing).

The T.E.H performative lecture explores in process and emblems the way in which geological materials are embedded in the early history and modern functioning of technology and the way in which they are subjected to environmental change, processes of natural material formation, transformation and decay.

In 2017 Test Execution Host is also published as a short, limited edition book.