40. Salon

Pirouette Machines. Fluid Components

with Ioana Vreme Moser

This lecture takes the pathway of an ex-ballerina through fluid computers, handmade semiconductors and cosmetic synthesizers. We will tackle the seductive side and hidden narratives of circuitry in relation to natural systems, salty fluids, and minerals and discuss the importance of alternative hardware forms in the context of global electronic shortage and environmental decay.

Diving into the mineral realms of computer hardware, we will inspect the radiosensitive properties of galvanized leftovers to peak at how communication networks can be reinforced in a collective.

We will look at fluidics, a technology lost in history that doesn't require many resources to operate, only simple fluid matter guided by natural phenomena. Following water movements and swirls, this talk gives a glimpse into a hardware form that reimagines the morphology of our electronic machines.

13.06.2023, 6 pm
Ship Dauerwelle, jetty Tiefer 2, 28195 Bremen

The lecture is part of the ADRIFT series at the Dauerwelle and, of course, Salon Digital.

Be aware: Access isn't barrier free.