38. Salon

Ancestrofuturism & Hijacked dreams x anti hijacked futures

with Fabiane M. Borges

Ancestro + Futurism are two terms that apparently emerge from an impossibility, from the ambivalence between two disparate realms: archaism and future. Future, broadly speaking, is a term linked to the modern age, which is generally understood as the age that would remove humanity from obscurantism, false beliefs and superstitions, to place it in the path of progress and evolutionary development dominated by science and technology. Ancestrality, according to this perspective, is considered a series of traditional values ruling over archaic societies that are oblivious to scientific truth and cultivate obsolete knowledge devoid of empiric evidence. Nevertheless, Ancestrofuturism requests concepts that work with other notions of time and resignify the assumed linearity between past and future, i.e., concepts that deconstruct the idea of vertical time and history — from archaism pointing towards the future — and that horizontalize this perspective. In this Lecture at University of the Arts Bremen, in addition to the concepts and examples produced in the context of Ancestrofuturism and Technoshamanism, Fabiane M. Borges will also present some projects about the dream world called Hijacked futures X the Anti-Hijacked Dreams, which the author has worked over the past seven years, presenting ideas, concepts and examples in relation to dreams, ancestry and future.